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What is resilience and why should you care?

Resilience is the capacity some people have to cope in positive ways to the inevitable challenges of life.  It is the ability to recover quickly from such difficulties–to be simultaneously tough and strong, as well as flexible and buoyant.


Resilience is a skill that can be developed on the physical, emotional and mental levels—each interlinked with the other.

How do I know?
I live it.

Hello, I’m Janine Baretta Wilburn and this is my story.

A severe car accident led me to find answers on how to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is also how I found my life’s passion which is sharing this information, knowledge, and tools gathered over 25 years to be of service to others.

For decades, I worked as a strategic marketing executive with corporations worldwide, receiving recognition for my work with a Cannes Film Festival Bronze Lion, a Clio, an Addy, a Hugo, and other awards, until a car accident changed my life forever. I was on my way to a client meeting, and while stopped at a light on one of those beautiful, steep San Francisco hills, a car slammed into mine from behind. Doctors told me that my spine was severely damaged, and it was just a matter of time before I would lose use of my hands, arms and possibly my legs.

In search of a cure, I researched, everywhere I could and found promising answers in neuroscience, yoga and meditation. As the years went on, I developed practices that allowed me to function. Through years of research and my own experience I found these as building blocks of my resiliency journey—Gratitude, Appreciation, Being of Service, Movement, Creativity, Forgiveness, Quiet Moments, Listening & Connection.


Today, I am not cured, but I’ve adjusted to my new normal. I am also still using my hands, arms and legs. I take walks with my son. I go to the grocery store, see friends and live a grateful life; a life my initial prognosis never thought was possible. Through my studies I’ve become an award-winning artist, innovator and writer with a master’s degree in East West Psychology and am pursuing my PhD in Psychology. The pain and hard days never fully go away, but with the use of these tools I’m able to get through them, with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

Companies and brands I have worked with include:

Grow Your Resilience

Where You Can Find Resilience

Focused scientific research has proven that we can increase our resilience through choosing specific types of thought patterns, behaviors, and physical activities. Here are 8 different tools you can use daily to bring more joy in your life and build your resilience.


the joys of appreciation







Tactical Guides So You Learn, Practice, and Retain Better and Faster

My Resiliency Guide Collection

Each of the Journals below guide you step by step through resilience building actions. Simple, engaging tools that fit easily into a busy schedule to help smooth out the daily bumps and abate tougher life challenges. There are journals for everyone!

grow your gratitude

living through loss


My Story

Mindful Intentions

family practices

Get Started Building Your Resilience

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Have fun!

Tactical Guides So You Learn, Practice, and Retain Better and Faster

My Resiliency Guide Collection

Each of the Journals below guide you step by step through resilience building actions. Simple, engaging tools that fit easily into a busy schedule to help smooth out the daily bumps and abate tougher life challenges. There are journals for everyone!

For Yourself, Your Family and Your Friends

Grow Your Gratitude

This guided journal is for you to explore and experience the amazing power of gratitude as it helps you build your resilience. Every page is filled with engaging prompts and creative activities which show you how to bring the greatness of gratitude into your life every day.

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For All of Us Experiencing Loss Now

Living Through Loss

This guided resilience journal is carefully crafted to provide you with daily support as you navigate through your loss. It gently guides you through a number of practices and techniques to support you on your pathway of healing and recovery.

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For Couples During This Challenging Time

Just Between Us

Imagine being The Couple-The Team-The Partnership that creates innovative solutions, authentic optimism and deepening commitment to each other even in the face of intense stress. This journal is about having fun and building resilience together.

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For Children & Young Teens 

to deal with today’s unique stresses

My Story

This journal is all about you! You are the author and the main character, so tell your story your way and create what you want your life to look like. This book will also have you use tools that help you handle the tough times, by learning how to be resilient.

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Mindful Intentions

Designed with care and based on scientific research, as well as decades of personal experience, this guided journal addresses the unique needs of people living with chronic pain. This book contains a variety of activities that work independently and together over time.

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For every type of family group

Family Practices

This journal is about having fun and creating connections within your family while engaging everyone in entertaining, relationship-strengthening, inspiring, and though-provoking activities that are the building blocks of resilience.

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Customer, peer and client reviews

Kind words from others ...

Connection is the biggest component of resiliency and there are no other products like these available."
Dr. Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MSEd
pediatrician, resiliency expert, and author of "Raising Resilient Children and Teens"
Her books are a gift to those wanting to heal their brain, body, and ability to love and express their love."
Dr. Maud Nerman, DO, CSPOMM
Osteopathic Physician and Classical Homeopath
Working with Janine Wilburn has been transformational for me because of her skill, her goodness, and her commitment to being of service. She assured me from the beginning that I could create and live the life I wanted, and then she lit the path, showed me the tools, and encouraged me along the way."
Sarah Bishop, MA
Educational leadership

I also share my resilience knowledge and practices in other forums and platforms.


I work one-on-one with people of all ages to help them develop resilience building tools and practices they can use every day to assist them in dealing with the unique stressors, and challenges of today. Utilizing my decades of business experience, I’m also able to assist work groups and corporate teams in creating resilience building practices that enhance individual and collective agency inside and outside of the workplace.


My education in Journalism, Communication and Psychology combined with my experience as an award-winning marketing executive, entrepreneur, tv & radio reporter, and person with disability, allow me to expertly tailor the content and key messages to each audience I serve. Over the decades, many have told me that my warmth, humor and authenticity help bring the topics to life—making them more accessible to everyone listening.



I became an artist following my life threatening and life altering experience. I found through creating art, I could feel better, more joyful and less pain. This was true even when I had highly restrictive use of my hands and arms. My work is sometimes mysterious, bold, symbolic, vibrant and emotional. People respond to the sense of balance, beauty, honesty and authenticity in my work; whether it is mixed media, painting, photography or 3-dimensional work.

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Gratitude is a state of grace. It provides comfort, direction and perspective. Gratitude is a powerful tool that allows us to stand in the face of challenges with strength and resilience.


Everyone loves to be appreciated for what they do. Take a few minutes every day to appreciate people in your life. Appreciating others brings happiness back to us as well. It’s a two-way street– you will receive as much as you give.


Assisting others provides us with purpose in our lives. When we give to others from the heart, we receive as much in return. Joy will unexpectedly break through, and can help us heal during challenging times.


We all need to move every day. Walking or getting outside in nature helps heal. Research reveals movement helps build resilience. So try and spend 30 minutes a day moving.


Creating means making something. Creating can be anything from gardening and cooking to athletics and art. Releasing into a creative activity relaxes, regenerates, and even relieves pain. It is the perfect anecdote to a stressful day.


Forgiveness allows us to heal. It helps us let go of hurt, anger and upset. Forgiveness unburdens us. Small and large challenges no longer control us.


Embracing the quiet can bring serenity. It offsets our “never stop world”. Allows us to enjoy a meal, a sunset, a piece of music. Spend 5 minutes each day being still and observe what happens.


One of the most generous gifts we can give is to listen. Be totally present—no devices or multitasking while someone talks to us.  Identify with them by thoughtfully considering their perspective. Connect by listening like we would like others to listen to us.